Training course

Training course

ARGILUS offers training courses every last Friday of each month. They are during the morning only from 8.30 to 12.30 and by group of 10 people maximum.

These courses are dedicated to professional as well as self-builders. It allows to discover the preparation and the application of all the main products of the range.

The courses are made in two parts. First the “theory” to explain the work and the activities of Argilus and a second “pratical” part with the preparation and the application techniques of the different products.

ARGILUS ACADEMY is necessary for a good knowledge of the plasters, stuccos, paints and floor concrete and floor finish. At the end of this course the “students” will return with a “participation certificate” which prove they have made a 4 hours course with Argilus.

This short training course will not show you all the details that could occur on site. That’s why, videos and technical sheets, available for the customers, are very important to watch and read to respect all the application recommendations.

ARGILUS can also offer “discovery” lessons at the distributor’s store. Thanks to ask your nearest distributor to know when will be the next one? These lessons take also 4 hours.


The cost of that training is 60€ for all participants.
You can subscribe up to 48h before.
Payment is only made at the end of the course.

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