ARGILUS is the French leader in clay based plasters and products, based in Vendée (85) in the west of France between La-Roche-Sur-Yon and Luçon. The company has its own clay quarries situated just next to the factory on around 10Ha of land and a surface of buildings of 3000m²

3 production Lines are needed for the manufacture of the plasters, paints, Concrete, cob…

These were studied and conceived specifically for the clay to be used in the best possible conditions.

Argilus has also its own Research and development Laboratory in order To create all the formulas and composition necessary to its development.

The range of products represent today over a 100 references and more than 165 various colours Through the DESIGN RANGE.

Clay based products are clean, and respect the environment and brings comfort to the inhabitant. ARGILUS tries to add value to the clay material to answer today’s environment demands.

One of the main challenges of the 21st century will be our planet’s climate and environment. Our Economies will need to adapt to these new environmental data if we are to preserve and enhance our lives. ARGILUS contributes to this change by offering clean products for your Home.

Entreprise ARGILUS