Protective wax / Fixator

Protective wax

The ARGILUS PROTECTIVE WAX in 1L bottle (around 10m²) will make your Argilus plasters, daubs and stuccos washable with a slight satin finish. This product is read to use at to apply using the flat brush on 1 or 2 layers maximum according to the product.

The Wax can be used in a kitchen for a optimal and natural protection.

Please check this product technical sheet



The ARGILUS FIXATOR, in 5L bottle (around 80m²) reinforces and protects the skin of your ARGILUS Plasters. This Fixator can be used I all the rooms of the house. It is made of POTASSIUM SILICATE and keeps all the natural assets of clays plasters leaving a good breathability of the wall.

This product does not change the shade of the colours and the texture will stay mat. BEWARE, it will not make the product washable like the wax but it will hardened the plaster.

The ARGILUS FIXATOR must be diluted with water and is applied using a spay or a flat brush.

Please check this product technical sheet



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