Cob Plaster

Pure Clay based plaster in 1 colour ready
to use dedicated to high thicknesses

COB / Filling COB

The ARGILUS Cob and the filling cob, which are 2 distinctive products, are the perfect answer to the refurbishment of historical buildings, old buildings and for gain in thermal mass in more recent homes. The filling Cob, is mainly dedicated to half-timbered homes and is made of clay, long barley straw fibres to lighter and structure the product in large thicknesses and various sands. It can be applied up to 15cm in various layers (usually 3) and comes in 1 tonne BIG BAG only. The COB is made of clay, shorter and thinner barley straw fibres and various sands. It is used to correct the various depths and cracks in the walls and can be applied up to 5cm in 2 layers? It comes in 1 tonne BIG BAG or 25kg bags.


AUTHORISED WALLS : stones, bricks, concrete blocks, cob, all irregular walls.

FORBIDDEN WALLS : Plasterboards, plaster, aerated concrete, painted walls, all existing smooth walls.

1 base colour



Argilus offers a more sustainable packaging for projects that needs large quantities. The BIG BAG gives better storage conditions to the plaster? This storage should not exceed several weeks to prevent from altering the quality of the product in winter period.

Make sure you have an unloading device on site capable of unloading up to 1 tonne. (Crane, tractor with fork, forklift…)

1 ARGILUS BIGBAG OF COB = around 15m² (in 4 to 5 cm thickness)



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