The use of the appropriate tools
for a successful application.
Available at all Argilus distributors


Stainless steel Trowel

(CODE : SPATINOX) 240 x 100 x 0,5

Food Grade stainless Steel spatula, specially designed for clay plasters. The blade is flexible enough and the angles round to ensure a good smoothing

Small Stainless Steel Trowel

(CODE : PETITESPATINOX) – 200 x 80 x 0,5

Small stainless steel trowel for mal surfaces or beginners.

Plastic Trowel

(CODE : spatplast) – 240 x 100 X 1

Very light Plastic trowel for the decoration. See through blade; 1mm thick, ideal to smooth and tightened the finishing or base plasters.

Blue Sponge Float

(CODE : TALOCHEP) – 215 x 135 X 14

Blue sponge float. Hard texture, This sponge float is compulsory for the finishing and base plasters. Do not use an Orange or Yellow sponge float. These are not designed for clay plasters, they are too soft and the surface holes too wide.

Corner trowel

(CODE : SPATCOINS) – 100 x 125

Stainless steel trowel for internal and external angles.
Important tool when you want regular angles and not round ones. With the clays plasters round angles are recommended.

Daub Brush

(CODE : BROSSEBAD) – 3 x 12 cm

Wooden handle brush with real pork hair to obtain a rope effect to the paints. We recommend to wet the brush 24hors before aplying to avoid losing too much hair when using.

Flat Brush


The flat brush is only used for the application of our protective waxes and the argilus fixator.

Polishing Glove


Sheep wool glove to polish stuccos and obtain a shiny effect.

Finishing sponge

(CODE : EPONGE) – 160 x 110 x 60 cm

Real sponge to wash the fibres and make the last sands fall on the surface of the plasters. Polyester material for a better resistance.


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