Pure clay bricks stabilised with lime
Available in sizes: 6x11x22 or 9x15x30

Unfired clay bricks ARGITECH ®

UNFIRED CLAY BRICKS ARGITECH are well known for their hardness, perfectly managed lime stabilisation and their numerous references in private and public buildings in France and Europe. The main advantages of this product is the thermal mass, a good spread of heat and an excellent humidity regulation in the house

2 sizes (6x11x22 and 9x15x30) are available in this range but Argilus can answer any queries according to the projects.

The Unfired Clay Bricks ARGITECH are made from pure clay and lime (around 5%). ARGILUS has chosen a lime
stabilisation to avoid to important humidity absorption of the walls and a faster altering of the bricks when inflating.

They can be used for various projects :
– To fill between wooden beams,
– Inertia wall (to accumulate heat, behind a stove for example),
– Partition walls,
– Captation wall.

BEWARE: ARGITECH unfired clay bricks are heavy. Make sure the floor is strong and stable enough. They are usually layed on an existing concrete floor. For a use on the first floor please contact us.






The Argilus MORTAR is used exclusively for laying the ARGITECH unfired clay bricks. It is prepared with a mixer or a cement mixer and is applied with a simple trowel.

BEWARE: Do respect the water quantities to add (6 to 7 litres for a 25kg bag) and do not wet the bricks

To ensure good application of the bricks, it is recommended to follow these 2 steps :
1) Wall building using the Mortar
2) Joint filling with the same mortar using a stencil and a trowel

To prevent the joints from squashing, the layer will apply only 1.5M a day.

Drying time: around 72H for complete drying.


in case these recommendations were not followed, the manufacturer will decline any responsibility




Terracotta wall base brick

The WALL BASE BRICK 9x15x30 In terra cotta will be used in homes where the risk of flooding or humidity is high. This brick will allow a good stability of the basement avoiding risks or alteration. It is applied using a
lime/sand mortar as a concrete block on 1or 2 rows. An Argilus BASE PLASTER or BATICLAY can be applied on them after applying an ARGILUS undercoat



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